About us

To be the leading provider of affordable ceramics equipment and supplies in East Africa

We commit to using the latest technology, to produce very efficient equipment, which are affordable and easy to use by an ordinary person.

Our Address

Gita kilns enterprises
P. O. Box 18510 Kajjansi Kampala Uganda.
Phone 256-772-665151, 256-701-665151,
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Website: www.gitakilns.com

Qualitative and Quantitative clay analysis for ceramic purposes

We do quantitative analysis of the clay you have in an area, to give you the years of production you have in that area.

We also do the qualitative analysis to tell you what you have in your deposit.

  • XRF analysis
  • Sieve analysis
  • Shrinkage test
  • Water absorption
  • Firing temperature

We have worked for NFA, to quantify the sand and clay in their forest reserves, and Uganda Clays ltd to quantify their clay deposit in Kamonkoli.